Our experienced designers work with the latest software and uses their knowledge about retail to create the possible solution for every customer.

We recognize that every element we design, no matter how small and insignificantly, is influencing your customers journey and experience. Therefore, we are detail oriented and committed to find the right solutions.


We are not only relying on our in-house designers, but also an experienced international design team is part of our design loop. This way we build a high internal know-how while we at the same time always receive input, see new trends and hear about new methods from the rest of the world.

Sustainable design - both in quality and use

Good design looks good, but also has a quality so it can survive staff and customers everyday use. Good design must amplify and support the brand many years forward, and stay relevant not only tomorrow, but also 3 or 4 years from today.

Good design is also a good investment, picking the right supplier and the right light fixtures can highly influence both depreciation and the running costs.  Our designs are sustainable, both when it comes to material, use and securing you a well-trimmed business with low running costs.

Step into our world of 3D

We know exactly how hard it can be to imagine how the designs will

look in real life.

It is hard to imagine how your next new store is going to look like when all you have is a flat drawing on paper.

As a consequence, we offer our customers to step into our world of 3D, where we can show you exactly how good your new store will look, how the light fixtures is going to make it look like a million or why the fitting rooms should be located to the left.

It can be hard to tell what is 3D and what is actual pictures taken in the store when it is build!

Fold together...