Internet of Things? Artificial Intelligent? Augmented Reality? 3D? Personalization? Omnichannel?

The Retail business is undergoing changes faster than ever, and new technology is moving yesterday’s boundaries and our possibility to influence the customers way through the store, purchase and brand experience and personalization.


Our designers are spending time keeping track of changing consumer habits and trends. It is necessary if we are to create and deliver the best solutions making our customers first movers within retail – always added a good portion of common sense. We deliver high quality design that is sustainable also financially.



Working with design is not only desk work. When sketching and first draft is approved by our customers we start producing prototypes of the new design solutions.

Our designers are involved far beyond the design process and also participates in the entire technical process. Finding the best solution for our customers change of the choice of material and designs may occur during the process. All prototypes are carefully assessed by both designers and our customers, so we are 100% aligned before starting the production in larger quantities.

Fold together...