Our experienced designers work with the latest software when creating the possible solution for all our customer. We are detail oriented and committed to find the right solutions. In-house designers and an experienced international design team is part of our design loop. 

// Good design – besides a good look our furniture has the quality to survive staff and customers everyday use. 
// Good design – amplifies and support the brand
many years forward.
// Good design – that is a good investment, Choosing the right supplier 
and the right light fixtures can highly influence
both depreciation and the running costs.  

Our designs are sustainable, both when it comes to material, use and securing you a well-trimmed business with low running costs.

Our designs are sustainable, both when it comes to material, use and securing you a well-trimmed business with low running costs.



Skilled Project Managers work across the company. Our Project Managers maintains the daily communication with our customers, constructors and other partners involved in the specific project. They are responsible for keeping track of all threads and ensure that everything goes according to plan.



The Retail business is undergoing changes faster than ever, and new technology is moving yesterday’s boundaries. Our possibility to influence your customers way through the store, their purchase and brand experience are great. We deliver high quality design that is sustainable also financially.

 When sketching and first draft is approved by our customers we start producing prototypes of the new design solutions.

Our designers are involved far beyond the design process and also participates in the entire technical process. All prototypes are carefully assessed by both designers and our customers, so we are 100% aligned before starting the production in larger quantities.



At Retail Fabrikken we handle project management of construction work both in Denmark and internationally. We have a good network of professional companies with experience from the retail business who are ready to step in and manage the on-site work on a daily basis. We work with contractors with a known and documented
track record.


We prepare our projects to meet the requirements of local authorities so that permissions are being provided fast
and smoothly.


We know that when working in Switzerland, Germany or Italy it is vital to include 3D visualizations to the application. We also know that the requirements for documentation in regards of fire is extra important in Germany, France and some other countries.

Our experience both in Denmark and internationally is your guarantee for a fast and problem free correspondence 

Sourcing and supply

We strive to find the best suppliers. Sourcing is important and the demands to our suppliers are high.

We are on the lookout for new skilled suppliers who are able to stretch the boundaries of their craftsmanship and limits of what is possible within a specific material. When we succeed our results are outstanding.

Today we are producing furniture and light fixtures in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Europe and the far East.


On the lookout for new suppliers we always assure the following,

Public history ⎜References ⎜Price ⎜ Quality ⎜ Capacity ⎜Can the supplier meet our demands on short delivery time ⎜ Is it possible to make customized solutions if necessary ⎜ Visiting the business ⎜ Can we start small and scale big

We also consider the choice of material, environmental impact and the supplier`s social responsibility.